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Unemployed Venezuelans leave Madeira for jobs in the Algarve

HOTELRECEPTIONGALEUnemployed Venezuelans living in Madeira have risen to the challenge presented to them by the AP Hotels & Resorts Group and are to join the workforce in the Group’s Algarve hotels.

According to a note from Employment Training Institute in the Algarve, the Venezuelan group arrived on the mainland last week and its members already are on a training programme aimed at strengthening their Portuguese language skills.

The training action, sponsored by the Institute, is taking place in one of the Group's hotels.

After this intensive language course, the group will join another course to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to work in the hotels and leisure sector.

In addition to this training, the Institute’s Qualification Centre also is supporting the group by trying to speed up the recognition of their educational qualifications, thus giving the immigrants a solid basis from which to progress in their new lives.



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