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New pontoon at Praia de Faro replaced after nearly two years

ria formosa2A new walkway and pontoon has been installed at Praia de Faro, replacing the old infrastructure that was beyond its useful life and anyway, was destroyed in the April 2017 storms that battered the Algarve coastline.

Leisure and fishing boat owners will be safer using the new pontoon, which cost €148,900.

This new pontoon is part of a plan to improve the image and quality that the Faro municipality has for nautical activities in the Ria Formosa.

The Council commented, “The equipment will allow greater safety and comfort for the development of the various services that the Praia de Faro Boating Centre promotes throughout the year, as well as serve as support for many other activities related to recreational boating that exist in Praia de Faro.

This investment also is of great importance with regard to the recent certification of Faro as an ‘Estação Náutica.’




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