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Portugal's customers wait as IKEA expands solar panel offer to Italy

ikea2A few weeks after launching the “Solstrale” solar panel system in Germany, IKEA has made the panels available to its customers in Italy.

Domestic, off the shelf solar power systems already are being retailed by IKEA in Belgium, the U.K., Poland, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

The company started to offer Solstrale PV panels through its Italian website at the beginning of February with in store displays in Milan, Brescia, Rimini, Villesse, Padova and Catania.

“Through a tailor-made solution, created in collaboration with our partner WÖLMANN, you can immediately start energising all your activities at home in a sustainable way,” reads the company’s website.

The same retail set up was offered by IKEA for its German customers in January with five test stores containing information points.

Whether Portugal will be added to the list of participating countries where customers can buy solar systems remains to be announced.


+3 #1 TT 2019-02-08 22:47
Strange that Portugal being among the sunniest countries in Europe is being made to wait. Ikea moves in strange ways.....