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Man swept off Quarteira jetty

wavesRoughA member of the GNR and various local fishermen rescued a 37-year-old man who was swept off a jetty in Quarteira and ended up 400 metres from the coastline.

According to information from the GNR, an alert was received at 3:30 p.m. last Thursday saying that someone was in trouble and in danger of drowning.

A nearby GNR patrol rushed to the area and one of the team plunged into the sea in an attempt to rescue the man, but the current and swell dangerously strong so he went to the port to summon urgent help from local fishermen.

One of the GNR commandeered a fishing boat and managed to take the crew to the spot where the drowning man was last seen, about 400 metres from the coastline.

The man, who was close to drowning, was hauled from the water. He has signs of hypothermia and several cuts that needed assistance by an emergency medical team on the shore. He was rushed to Faro hospital for treatment.


+1 #2 Darcy 2019-03-18 00:17
... More off topic and incitement of hatred. ..
Does anyone have Editorial control over these comments. ..
-5 #1 Daphne 2019-03-11 07:29
Full marks to all those involved - real stars. But, given Portugal's lamentably high levels of corruption and its need to have only the best people policing this country why oh why is policing still so fragmented with multiple layers of duplication and reporting routes and still such a mix of quality and dross? Why for example this crazy routine that GNR must take their orders involving criminal investigations, corrupt or otherwise, from the local public prosecutors. Why not from some centralised police control centre that would send out the best investigators - the Clouseau's, the Maigret's - perhaps even the Holmes's for the really serious cases. So - in the forthcoming fire season we will continue to see two largely separate 'police' fire investigations each time - perhaps even with different suspects pulled in.
Is this why, according to Portuguese University research, at least a quarter of those initially suspected of arson are released without any further paperwork. So not amongst those formally charged and then formally released as 'no longer an arguido, person of interest'.These presumably well connected "ghost suspects" somehow slipping out of the system unnoticed. How?