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Viseu judge criticise abused woman

gavelAnother judge in Portugal has landed in distinctly hot water after ruling in a divorce case that, it was not credible that a financially independent woman had put up with being assaulted for the past eight years.

The woman, had been a victim of domestic violence, filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband who was acquitted.

The judge, Carlos Oliveira, was sitting at Viseu court and turned his ire towards to plaintiff, stating that it was not credible that a financially independent woman does not file a complaint, it is not credible that she did not photograph herself after an attack and that she did not change her mobile phone number when she was being harassed and pursued.

The woman, identified only as Susana, was married to Ângelo for 13 years, with the alleged assaults beginning six years ago.

To escape the threats of her  ex-husband, Susana was forced to leave the country and emigrated to Germany.

The court had ordered that the judgment be reviewed, but the aggressor again was acquitted and Susana had to pay the court costs.

"If someone pushed me down the stairs and injured me, I would certainly make a complaint," the judge said.

The judge said that Susana’s testimony was not believable and that Susana, her mother and her brother ‘do not like the accused’ and that, therefore, they may have lied. It's pretty clear that Susana did not like the accused, hence the divorce.


-6 #4 Dennis.P 2019-03-15 11:29
Euronews and others are circulating news of an appeal case in Italy of two defendants accused of raping a woman with such violence that she needed genital surgery afterwards - but let off. The earlier court - oddly enough a panel of women (!) - accepting the defence claim that she was 'too ugly (and masculine looking) for anyone to want to have sex with'. One defendant justifying this by his cell phone entry calling her 'The Viking'. So does anyone in the advanced EU still think our EU Citizens Rights Laws can ever be standardised in all EU courts and if so - please confirm just what are they inhaling or drinking?
0 #3 charly 2019-03-14 19:26
Most of the judges are "machos" and reflect their own marital situations in their court houses and their judgements. This is still "old style" in Portugal but unfortunately it might still take some decades before some "positive changings" might be expected. Question is: what is the ministery for women protection and welfare is doing against this extreme form of humiliating discrimination ?
-1 #2 Elsa 2019-03-14 15:26
These cases are drip feeding out but still only the tip of the iceberg and by chance. They graphically show the gap between Portugal's judicial obligations to protect women whatever state of their cohabitation or circumstances and the standard of Portuguese judiciary. Reminding ourselves that the 1974 Revolution kept almost all the judges of the Salazar period in their jobs. Who then trained up this crop of judges. Hence so little progress towards even minimum EU standards.
+6 #1 Shocked 2019-03-14 11:31
How is it possible for persons who have gained such an elevated rank to be so prejudiced and simply misogynistic? As a childhood victim of physical violence, I saw my Mother being too afraid to seek help for fear of even worse consequences - for her 3 children as well..