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Brits with old driving licences told to retake test in Portugal

4683There’s a last minute rush for Brits to swap their UK driving licenses, writes Sue Fletcher. Many are still holding their original paper licenses issued prior to the changeover to photocards in 1998.

IMT have been refusing these which has led to the DVLA refusing to swap for a photo card license because the holder doesn’t live in the UK.

This has led to many being told that they will need to take the Portuguese test to obtain a Portuguese license, at a cost of around €1,000 and many hours of study.

One brave soul has challenged this and won with the DVLA so anyone in these circumstances needs to do this:

Telephone the DVLA on 0044 300 790 6801 and ask for a ‘Certificate of Entitlement D737’. Ask for it to be sent electronically and print it off. This is acceptable to IMT who are now aware of the problem.

For those not wanting to waste hours waiting in IMT in Faro, IMT in Beja is quicker.




+1 #3 dw 2019-03-16 13:29
What about the during the transition period, if there is one? When does "after Brexit" begin?
+2 #2 SueF 2019-03-16 08:08
IMT have helpfully issued answers to FAQs on UK driving licenses after Brexit. If your license is registered with IMT you will need to swap your license within 90 days. If you miss that date you will be required to sit a Portuguese driving test.

+1 #1 dw 2019-03-15 16:07
The panic to exchange licences appears to be unnecessary according to this ADN article from 19 January 2019:

British residents in Portugal - nothing much will change post-Brexit

Dr Santos Silva confirmed several times during the meeting that UK citizens will continue to enjoy all the current freedoms that they have in Portugal. UK issued driving licences will continue to be recognised, healthcare will continue to be available, pension credits will continue to be awarded and professional qualifications will continue to be accepted.