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Algarve on fire alert as temperatures rise

fireforestPortugal’s fire service usually is on stand-by from May as summer temperatures start to affect the countryside, but firefighting teams already have been battling blazes in the north of the country with the Algarve now of special concern.

The above average March temperatures and close to zero rainfall has left the countryside tinder-dry with fire risk warnings in place i the Algarve until the expected rainfall on Sunday.

Some regions have seen temperatures of 28C, much hotter than normal for this time of year, with the added effect of a dry easterly wind from Spain due to hit in the next few days.

Authorities say the Algarve region is of concern with firefighters on standby and a ban on burning cut vegetation.

In June 2017, 64 people were killed and more than 250 were injured in wildfires, which devastated the central town of Pedrógão Grande.

No one was killed in 2018 after authorities tighten safety measures and boosted response services.

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+2 #4 Darcy 2019-03-30 23:45
If you believe what you are commenting on, then you need to go to the police.
Usually the foreigners on the land in Portugal are quite nice and integrate incredibly well with the local people... so what is the profile of the type of person that needs to be "cleared of the land".
-2 #3 TT 2019-03-28 14:44
Quoting Darren:
When will Portuguese journalism be grown up sufficiently to educate its readership .......

The answer to that question is 'never'. The media (and the government) are owned/controlled by big business and as such will never report truthfully on what is going on lest it risk returns.
-6 #2 charly 2019-03-28 11:39
one can wonder "is there at least "something" that's correct or good in this country ? I daubt it.
-2 #1 Darren 2019-03-28 07:44
When will Portuguese journalism be grown up sufficiently to educate its readership that almost all fires in remote areas of Portugal are intentional 'foreigner clearance schemes'? Years ago it was well known that local PDM's were being altered after 'convenient' fires from protected (not to be developed) status - such as ecologic or forestry - to open for development. But this was only ever a smokescreen for the resale of foreigner housing - whether burnt or not. All valuable as the previous owner had legitimised whatever had stood before on their plot; most often a farm shed that had never been inhabited. Even piles of rubble that elderly locals would say 'was once someone's house' became urbano's. In tandem with reclassifying as development land we also saw quality broadleaved ecologic forests reclassified for eucalyptus. Crazy anywhere but Portugal when remembering the 30,000 licences granted to plant yet more eucalyptus even after the 2014 legislation outlawing new planting of eucalyptus!

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