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Duarte Lima to be jailed

duarte limaA Lisbon Court had ordered the closure of the "Homeland - BPN" case and that Duarte Lima must be jailed.

There is no further possibility of appeal in the case and Duarte Lima, the former MP, must serve his reduced sentence of six years.

The Lisbon Court of Appeal ruled that the judgment must be executed by referral to the Court that, in 2014, found Lima guilty of fraud and money laundering.

Duarte Lima must surrender himself and be jailed.

The final order of the Lisbon Court states that the judges decided, "not to allow an appeal to the Constitutional Court brought by a co-defendant (Vítor Raposo) because it is out of time."

Vítor Raposo is a former business partner of Duarte Lima. The court thus has prevented Duarte Lima from benefiting from Raposo’s appeal.

The BPN - Homeland case is related to the acquisition of land in Oeiras for the construction of the Portuguese Institute of Oncology with a loan from BPN that was not repaid.

Since 2016, Duarte Lima has filed several appeals and complaints to the Supreme Court of Justice and to the Constitutional Court, which impeded this final and unappealable judgment.

Four defendants were convicted, among them Duarte Lima, and were ordered to pay about €18 million to Parvalorem which took over the management of Banco Português de Negócios.

BPN was nationalised by the Portuguese Government in 2008 after a bad management and malpractice-related debt of €1.8 billion and several irregularities were uncovered in the institution. In 2012, BPN, stripped of many of its debts and bad loans, was sold to Angola’s Banco BIC for just €40 million.

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-3 #3 Darcy 2019-04-13 18:19
Do Maxwell and Hamilton get together to come up with their Madcap ideas OR ... are they one and the same person... the mind boggles...
+3 #2 Hamilton 2019-04-13 06:05
With Portugal's 25th April Revolution anniversary soon upon us it is fascinating noting the paranoia of the Algerian and Sudanese protesters; their urgency to have a real revolution - not a Portuguese one that is cosmetic and leaves everything the way it was. Apart from this guy Lima another example in the news is Joe Berado who talks 3 banks into loaning him nearly a billion euros on the same art collection, that he does not own and which is not worth what he claimed it to be. Breaching a fundamental rule elsewhere of ethical banking.
One today in the epicentre of power - Familygate - is government PS MP Hortense Martins, whose family hotel, recipient of much EU structural funds, is a favoured one for MEP business and whose highly influential husband and father are deeply involved in murky deals with grants to a business that never existed. Let us agitate for an Algerian type Revolution here in Portugal!
+1 #1 Maxwell 2019-04-12 09:14
Roll on Brexit ! No appeal to a higher court in developed countries is allowed unless some manifestly new issue is raised. Here any special person can demand and get it just for a misplaced comma or full stop. Perhaps intentionally put there by a friendly judge, prosecutor or tribunal clerk.
Clearly the Portuguese elite nationalised and /or steam cleaned all their failed banks before selling them on. Specifically to stop the ECB and new foreign owners rooting through who owns what and where the offshore moulah is that could be reclaimed for the small savers who lost everything. The best example of this was the entire senior BES management team working at Novo Banco for the first year or more. Now many are on millions of euro pensions yet no doubt still wheeling and dealing in Portuguese finance, politics and influence peddling. The top man himself confidently waiting until all the allegations against him are 'out of time' too.

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