Algarve student dies after accident in Hungary

hospitalLaura Angélica Bragança, a 10th year student at Pinheiro e Rosa High School in Faro, died on Friday morning in Budapest, Hungary, following a minibus accident.

The 16-year-old girl was part of a group of students visiting the country. Another student from the Algarve was seriously injured.

A statement from Faro Council expressed deep regret for the death and its "consternation and solidarity" with the family, friends, teachers and colleagues of the two young people affected.

The statement added that, "Council services are closely monitoring the situation both with the family, the school and the office of the Secretary of State for Communities and is making every effort in this painful process.”

The accident occurred early on Friday morning, 70 kilometers from Budapest, when the minibus crashed, carrying  six students and two teachers.


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