Algarve MP case dropped in Galpgate inquiry

galpLogoAlgarve MP, Cristóvão Norte, has been cleared of ‘receiving undue advantage’ in the Galpgate case.

The Public Prosecutor has closed the file on the Social Democratic MP’s freebie attendance at the Euro 2016 football event in France.

Several politicians were entertained at the football series at the expense of the Galp. In Norte’s case, the Public Prosecutor concluded that, "there is insufficient evidence in the records of the practice of such criminal offences."

Although it is undeniable that Rui Oliveira Neves, the coordinator of Galp's legal department, invited Cristóvão Norte, "at Galp's expense to travel to Lyon to watch the match between Portugal and Hungary in the Euro2016, and that the MP accepted.”

Norte says that his attendance was not due to the fact he was an MP as Neved was a friend of his, they met regularly and even had enjoyed holidays together.

Also, the invitation to Cristóvão Norte came after someone else had ducked out, so Norte was a "second choice, just three days before the event."

Cristóvão Norte is the only Galpgate defendant to have had the case against him dropped.

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-1 #4 Barb 2019-05-16 10:20
Did the public prosecutor attend the Euro's too ......
+1 #3 Darren 2019-05-12 15:18
Was it just a few months ago we learnt that there is just a couple of inspectors tasked with checking the declarations of investments, income and freebies of several thousand politicians and public servants? So - being intentionally handicapped with very limited resources and powers to search - only check a handful. Sounds so much like Portugal's ADSE (Health & Safety inspector for tourism, restaurants etc) who throw away each year tens of thousands of complaints that they have no time to examine. Many quite possibly multiple offenders.
0 #2 chez 2019-05-12 09:22
No surprise there then :-*
+2 #1 Mildred 2019-05-11 16:55
The issue here is what else Galp was paying for i.e travel and hotel expenses and pocket money and what Galp was attempting to influence in its choice of which politicians got the freebies. Has anyone tracked suspicious political decision making that followed after this event and, for good measure, who shopped the 'freebies'? It has an interesting comparison, as our Republican readership insist on, with UK politicians being 'outed' lately claiming a few extra thousand for their adult offspring's (but home living) education not just, as intended, for youngsters up to teen age education. As always the UK bringing snorts of derision from politicians in the less evolved parts of the world.

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