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Moribund Odiaxere bypass highlighted by inactive Lagos Councillors

roadworksFollowing progres with the planning for an EN125 bypass to the north of Olhão, Lagos Council has demanded that someone, somewhere does something to build the equally long-awaited bypass at Odiaxere.

The Council also wants toll scrapped on the A22, Via do Infante, to the west of Portimão.

These demands were approved at the last Council meeting, recognising that it’s the State’s responsibility to build the bypass which has started but not that anyone would notice - "an exasperating slowness," was the phrase used.

Work, such as it is, on the EN125 has switched to the eastern section, leaving Odiaxere as a congestion point, with frequent accidents and queues backing up to Lagos in the high season.

"The Lagos Municipal Assembly has long been demanding the upgrading of the EN 125 and the abolition of tolls on the A22. Until there is a credible alternative, while the work to the EN125 is still going on, to meet current and future demand, there is no justification for expensive tolls or, in some sections, tolls at all," concluded the councillors, fully aware that noone will pay them a blind bit of notice but that they have to be seen to be saying something.

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-3 #1 Hamilton 2019-05-16 08:41
«demanded that someone, somewhere does something»... love it. This kind of focussed drive to action is what Portuguese MEP's will be taking to Brussels as part of their plan to get Europe back on track. Except that Portugal has only ever shown the rest of Europe what 'pretending to be on the 'Europe' track really looks like.
Imagine the impact on FDI in every EU state if all their Joe Berardo's at national, regional and local level were allowed to defraud and cheat the system with equivalent impunity. Each EU state just wringing its hands impotently and saying 'he / she should show more respect'.

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