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SACYR Somague awarded construction of €130m Portugal railway line

tgvInfraestruturas de Portugal has awarded Sacyr Somague the construction of a railway line 40 kilometres long.

This infrastructure project will form a strategic part of the Southern International Corridor, which will link the ports of the south of the country (Lisbon, Sines and Setúbal) with the rail network that connects with Spain through Badajoz.

The project has an investment of €130 million and has a completion period of 28 months.

The works consist of the construction of a new railway line, which runs mainly through rural areas and which links the Évora Line, the Alandroal subsection and the Eastern Line.

The works include the construction of the railway platform, drainage and other infrastructures such as viaducts, steps, stations, technical buildings and those related to signalling and telecommunications.

In total, the construction of 13 bridges that will add a length of 6.3 kilometres is planned. The highest one will have a stack of 38 metres. In addition, 26 higher and lower steps will be executed and 30 roads will be restored.

Sacyr Somague currently is building two new hotels in Lisbon for €12.5 million. In addition, it is carrying out the rehabilitation of the emblematic April 25 Bridge across the Tejo.

“The awarding of these new projects recognizes our national and international capacity and know-how, which contribute to the growth of Sacyr Somague and give continuity to the excellence and quality of service provided by our company,” commented Eduardo Campos, CEO of Sacyr Somague.

Meanwhile, investment in the Algarve's railway system remains in the bottom drawer with line electification and the building of a simple link to Faro Airport too much for Lisbon to contemplate as it cuts capital investment to the bone in a successful move to appease Brussels and European lenders.

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0 #3 nogin the nog 2019-06-24 06:42
Just out of interest the 130 million Euro 40km train line is going to bring in how much revenue. :-*
0 #2 Jack Reacher 2019-06-14 19:41
There is a typo..should read 28 years..not months for completion.
0 #1 Jim Williams 2019-06-14 16:39
If we assume a skim of 10% then 13 million will in total be diverted into consultancy and project management that has little or no connection to Sacyr Somague. Hoot hoooot (that left my key board as a train noise; what did it sound like at your end?)

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