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Woman's body found "in a hole in the rock" on a beach in Odemira

bombeirosThe badly decomposed body of a woman was discovered in a crevasse at Nossa Senhora beach in the Odemira municipality in the lower Alentejo.

The commander of the local Bombeiros, Luís Oliveira, said that the body was found "in a hole, inside a rock," and that it had been impossible to asses the age of the woman.

Oliveira said that the alert was given by a local and that, "there is nobody in the area reported as missing."

The woman's body was taken to the forensic department at Beja hospital.

According to the District Command of Relief Operations in Beja, the alert for the discovery, at Nossa Senhora beach in the parish of São Teotónio, was given at 19:05 on June 12th.

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0 #2 Mrs G Rankin 2019-06-25 18:42
Crime free :lol: , tell that to the McCanns
-9 #1 Daphne 2019-06-16 07:09
Good to get this published and hopefully this woman identified and if foul play then the perpetrator banged up. But then this is not the Algarve where the local's pictures, if any, would be seized and an embargo put on any publicity. The local warned that he/she would be the main arguido if this story got out. Anything to keep Algarve's crime free reputation!

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