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Ria Formosa - sunken dredger removed from the seabed

riaformosaA dredger that had sunk near the Faro-Olhão entrance to the Ria Formosa lagoon was removed over the weekend.

The ‘Camião’ sunk on June 5th and had been lying 30 metres below the waves ever since.

The 14 metre dredger sank when under tow, entering the lagoon area on a short journey from Tavira.

The lone sailor on board was rescued by the Maritime Police and the entrance had to be closed to traffic while the exact depth and location of the sunken vessel was established by police divers.

The owner, Sofareia Lda, was ordered to remove its vessel, the second of its fleet had sunk in the Ria Formosa area in the past 18 months. The company  had to lodge a sizeable deposit, held until the vessel was removed.

Sofareia’s dredger, ‘Brasinho’ sunk near the Armona island entrance to the Ria Formosa in early 2018 and later was swallowed by the ever shifting sands after attempts to remove her proved notably unsuccessful.

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0 #4 Jack Reacher 2019-07-02 18:10
They should be out of business. Period. Leaving their rusting contaminated junk in a National Park should be slapped with a fine and license revoked. Incompetent dimwits.
0 #3 Peter Booker 2019-07-02 08:44
Quoting Maximilian:
I presume Sofareia Lda is well insured? :)

But I should think that their premiums will increase. And if I had anything to do with licensing, I should be examining their credentials to operate these craft.
+1 #2 Nig Nog 2019-07-02 08:40
Hmm ... In Portugal there is a world of difference between being insured - itself a rarity amongst older Portuguese - and being well insured. Also if this company keep sinking their dredgers then they will become uninsurable. Another category of "insurance".
+1 #1 Maximillian 2019-07-02 06:32
I presume Sofareia Lda is well insured? :)

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