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ICNF's dodgy report into Lagoa wetland slammed by PAN

LagoasBrancasSmallA highly suspicious and partial report, issued in 2017 by the Institute for the Conservation of Forestry and Nature, has been discreditied by the PAN political party which is demanding that the Lagoa wetlands be classified as a protected zone.

The party also has demanded that the ICNF carries out a new study that takes the matter seriously and stops referring to the freshwaterr wetland as of no interest and not worth protecting.

PAN’s lone and determined MP already has questioned the Ministry of the Environment about the threats to the area, "of proven ecosystem relevance due to the diversity and rarity of its flora and fauna" and refers to the 2017 document as "incorrect” - to the delight of 'Save Alagoas Brancas' campaigners.

Meanwhile, Lagoa Council continues its open support of the Continente supermartket chain which has planning permission to destroy the site that gave the city its name – a fact lost on the mayor and his acolytes whose rudeness and arrogance towards campaigners have become legendary.

PAN demands, rather naively, that the municipality use "the means at its disposal to create a Local Protection Perimeter and a Special Protection Zone that guarantees the preservation and sustainability of Alagoas Brancas for the long term." This is not likely to haoppen, unless at knifepoint, as the Council is determined to have yet another supermarket in the city and openly supports the project while trashing campaigners and their legitimate efforts.

For the People, Animals, Nature party, "the environmental value of this area has been described and proven in a recent Almargem study, a document that can and should serve as a justification for classifying the area," states PAN.

The 2017 ICNF report, which raised questions of political and commercial intereference in this government agency, stated that, "basically the Alagoas Brancas wetlands had no natural value – a position that, "lacked validity for part of the scientific community,' states PAN.

In addition to the official classification of the wetland as a protected area, PAN asks that the areas be included as a Ramsar, globally recognised and protected wetland based on the agreement signed by Portugal in 1980.

The party calls for European guidelines for the protection of migratory birds to be followed and that, “work is being done to include Alagoas Brancas as part of the Important Bird Areas network, one of the largest global networks for bird protection and conservation of their habitats.”

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0 #4 superguy 2019-07-11 22:52
Don't forget the whole fuss turns around the decision made by "one of the richest guys in Portugal" who is willing to implant a Continente
on this spot. Is there a need for taht: definitely NOT ! So, what's the motivation? Egotripping and "the law of the strongest".
And what's in it for "the boys of the Camara" ? Yes indeed.... and as usual !
+4 #3 Jack Reacher 2019-07-11 19:27
Why? Because of the corrupt land deal and brown envelopes stuffed with cash. Lagoa council would like an Iceland and a Lidl for the grandslam of supermarkets in the middle of the Algarve. The Camara has no imagination or care for the environment. Cash is king and birds and wildlife can go eo elsewhere. Dont let them get away with this.
+1 #2 Maxwell 2019-07-11 15:56
Sorry guys but it is idiotic that ICNF, having failed with its earlier report is now being asked to do another as though the only option. Like all other forms of regulation specified for Portugal by Brussels, ICNF will be no different - staffed by non-regulators with no interest in professionalising their output. How can, just a year or two later, ICNF arrive at another more accurate result for Lagoa wetlands ? Is there no independent specialist available and the previous report writers punished?
+4 #1 Lindsay Goldmann 2019-07-10 14:43
Why would the Lagoa Council even consider a third supermarket to be built, within an approximate radius of 250 meters, from two other well established supermarkets?
Let alone destroy one of the two freshwater wetlands on the Algarve.

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