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11 of the 25 most expensive municipalities to buy a home are in the Algarve

11 of the 25 most expensive municipalities to buy a home are in the Algarve11 of the 25 most expensive municipalities to buy home a home are in the Algarve, according to a new study by Idealista, a real estate marketplace in Portugal.

Lisbon continues to be the municipality where it is necessary to open the “purse strings” the most. According to this study, property owners in the capital ask, on average, for approximately 4,516 euros per square meter (m2). But one of the most interesting details which the study found out is that 11 of the 25 most expensive municipalities in Portugal are located in the Algarve.

Lagos leads the Algarve region in the ranking (6th) where one square meter costs 2,620 euros. Next in 7th is Loulé (2,509 euros).

In 8th and 9th place, respectively, are the Algarve municipalities of Lagoa (2,341 euros per m2) and Albufeira (2,137 euros per m2).

In 11th place is Tavira (1,970 per m2), followed by Odivelas (1,960 per m2), and Matosinhos (1,922 per m2). Amadora and Portimão are joint 14th (1,882 per m2 in both municipalities), followed by Óbidos (1,862 per m2), Faro (1,841 per m2), Funchal (1,805 per m2) and Silves (1,789 m2).

The last positions in the table are occupied by the municipalities of Vila Real de Santo António (1,775 per m2) at 20th place, then Nazaré (1,682 per m2) at 21st place, Castro Marim at 22nd place (1,678 per m2), and Almada and Olhão at joint 24th (1,675 per m2 in both cases).

 The full study can be found here: https://www.idealista.pt/news/imobiliario/habitacao/2019/08/12/40538-e-nestes-25-municipios-que-e-mais-caro-comprar-casa-11-estao-no-algarve

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0 #3 Robert1 2019-08-16 23:44
There is no such thing to guide you when buying or selling a property as an average price for a region. There simply are too many variables. What would be interesting is to see the variations per region, and in light of their historical price pattern versus other regions.
0 #2 ADN Ed 2019-08-16 14:40
Hi Revi, the link is now added. :-)
0 #1 Revi 2019-08-16 14:23
Will you please provide a link to the full Idealista study? Thanks!

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