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Odemira wildfire situation is “not getting any easier”, say firefighters

odemira fireThe fire that broke out this afternoon in the municipality of Odemira has three active fronts, and is hurtling through the municipality "with some intensity". The "situation is tough," said José Alberto Guerreiro, mayor of Odemira.

The mayor said that the flames are consuming "cork, oak and eucalyptus trees" and "there is a lot of wind", which is making the work of firefighters far more difficult.

José Alberto Guerreiro says that “for now, there are no houses at risk”, but the fire is three kilometers from the village of São Luís, and moving southwards.

In the fight against the flames are fire brigades from the districts of Beja and Setúbal, as well as local firefighters, with a total of 108 operators, 27 vehicles and 7 air assets, including two light helicopters and four Fireboss aircraft.

The warning for the fire was given at 14:04, and the local firefighters have been receiving reinforcements throughout the afternoon.

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