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Missing elderly patient found dead in a field after disappearing from hospital in Portimão

missing elderlyAn elderly man who disappeared from a ward of the Portimão University Hospital Centre on the 10th of October was found dead only a few kilometres away from the hospital.

José João Pereira Faustino, who was 73, was hospitalized due to displaying signs of confusion and significant mental deterioration. A passer-by discovered the body late Wednesday afternoon in a field in Palheiros, not far from where he was being treated.

According to Ana Magina, the man’s niece, the health unit did not alert the family or the authorities that her uncle had disappeared. It was the family members themselves who realized that he had suddenly disappeared, eventually filing a complaint against the hospital.

In a statement, the University Hospital Centre claimed that it has opened "an inquiry to find out all the facts". It added that hospital officials are collaborating with authorities and are in contact with the family, who are investigating how this clear case of medical negligence could have taken place.

GNR officers carried out a search to find the elderly gentleman both on foot and with a drone when he first went missing last week, but to no avail.

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