Farense municipality supports RIAS’ animal protection efforts with 2500 euro grant

rias faroThe Municipality of Faro decided, at a Council meeting, to attribute a financial support grant of €2500 to RIAS- the Centre for Wildlife Research and Recovery.

As part of the National Network of Wildlife Recovery Centres, coordinated by the ICNF and managed by the ALDEIA Association, RIAS is a centre that acts as a wildlife hospital, with its work including receiving and treating animals that are found to be injured or debilitated. These wild animals are subsequently released when possible close to where they were found.

The institution carries out a variety of roles, including receiving and treating protected species, from whom they collect data and manage the collected information, sending it to the coordination unit of the National Collection Network for Fauna Recovery (RNCRF) for research purposes. The centre also conduct environmental and conservation education for children.

It should be noted that most of RIAS’ work is directed at animals originating from the Ria Formosa Natural Park. In 2016, the work done in the municipality of Faro corresponded to 526 animals being collected (26% of the total animals collected) and in 2017, 236 animals were collected (14% of the total animals collected).

The Municipality of Faro decided to associate themselves with the meritorious recovery work done by RIAS to thank them for their efforts. The officials deemed to be the grant to be “essential to ensure the continuity of the services provided, and for the assistance to continue to be provided at the desired quality.”

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