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PSP police detain nine people and dismantles groups involved in violent gang war

gang warPSP officers have detained nine individuals in Lisbon, thus dismantling two groups associated with violent juvenile delinquency who over the past year have taken part in several feuds, resulting in serious injuries.

In a statement released earlier today, authorities explained that the Metropolitan Command’s Oeiras Police Division took down these two groups after more than 20 home search warrants were issued last Wednesday in various locations throughout Oeiras, Sintra and Amadora.

The operation resulted in nine detainees, aged between 17 and 26, on suspicion of perpetrating crimes of criminal association, drug trafficking and possession of prohibited weapons.

Both groups, according to the PSP officials, participated in violent feuds involving firearms and bladed weapons, resulting in "serious injuries and danger to innocent life".

The police officers also seized drugs, including cocaine, hashish and cannabis.

Given the age of the group members and the severity of the quarrels, the PSP undertook the investigation under the auspices of the Public Prosecution Service, requesting the 20 home search warrants from the relevant judicial authority. The sting operation yielded, all in all, the seizure of: four firearms, an alarm, a firearm replica, an air rifle, various melee weapons and ammunition of various calibres, 121 doses of cocaine, 53 of hashish, 40 of cannabis, a precision scale and 260 euros in cash.

The detainees were present for the first judicial interrogation at the District of West Lisbon Court, and as a measure of preventing coercion are not being allowed to interact with one another.

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+1 #2 Peter Booker 2019-11-10 09:59
One of the data which police and other public bodies are reluctant to collect (and in today´s lopsided PC world, these data may be illegal), is the racial composition of the gangs involved in drug related warfare. In London at any rate, most of the individuals involved are from the black community. And the incidents and characteristics reported here are similar to those reported in London.
+2 #1 Virgini 2019-11-09 11:44
Seems obvious enough that today's juvenile delinquency (and related crime-wave) is drug-fuelled (as with drug-crazed multiple, random killings). Am also praying that what's happening in London, etc, will not come to pass here - all power to the PSP and others' elbow.

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