Faro accountant arrested by Borders Service for assisting illegal immigration

faro accountantA registered accountant has been arrested in Faro, by the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), over suspected aiding illegal immigration and falsification of documents.

In a statement the SEF explained that the accountant’s arrest follows an investigation initiated in 2018 after several “ghost companies” were found in his name, which only ended up serving as a facade to simulate economic relations with citizens from Southeast Asia and South America.”

Operation Fuel, which planned the man’s arrest and was acted upon earlier this week, "originated from a criminal case which was linked to an investigation that was based on applications for consular visas at the Portuguese embassy in New Delhi that have turned out to be suspicious," the statement reads.

During the arrest operation four search warrants were carried out, one at the man’s home, another in an office and two in vehicles, "having been seized various documentary evidence, a bladed weapon, ammunition and a notable amount of money".

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