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Chinese construction ‘giant’ gunning to take over Brisa motorway concession

motorway concessionThe largest construction company in the world, China State Construction Engineering, is said to be very keen to buy into the José Mello Group that runs the Brisa motorway concession.

The Brisa tender was last year billed as likely to be the ‘biggest deal of 2019’.

The José Mello Group is hoping to clear €3 billion with the sale, to clear its debts (standing purportedly at €1.2 billion).

Stories last year alluded only to the interest shown by ‘Canadians, Australians, Spanish and French.

It now appears that there is interest also from Japan, and particularly China.

Says Expresso this week: “interest in what will be the largest deal of the year in the motoways sector has brought candidates to present very interesting proposals”.

A short-list is being drawn up, the paper adds, suggesting China State Construction Engineering will be certainly be on it.

Credit to the Portugal Resident

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+1 #1 Maximillian 2020-02-25 16:53
Another Chinese company aiming at getting tighter grips on Portugal. Slowly China's aim to control the world is falling into place. We all witness the daily control of China on it's citizens. Is this what we want? Wake up Portugal; don't be blind sighted by money!

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