Portugal and Spain allow trapped motorhome owners to leave the Iberian Peninsula

motorhome trappedEuropean citizens who holidaying in Portugal and currently staying in motorhomes will be able to leave the national territory and cross the closed Spanish border in able to return to their country of origin, clarified the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI) today.

This addendum to the closure of the Luso-Spanish border, permitted until April 15, allows for the passage of motorhome-owning tourists through nine strictly controlled points along the border, monitored by the authorities. Previous to this, many tourists were concerned that they would not be able to return home.

"European citizens in transit, proving the situation of returning to their own countries, will be able to cross the border between Portugal and Spain and between Spain and France", clarified an official source at the MAI. The issue was clarified by the Spanish Government also, following a dialogue held this Tuesday between the Minister of Internal Administration, Eduardo Cabrita, and his Spanish counterpart.

In the Council of Ministers statement published on Monday, the Executive had outlined that road traffic would be limited to the international transport of goods and cross-border workers and to emergency, relief and emergency service vehicles.

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