Algarve’s 'The Right Juice' to debut at the Atlanta Film Festival

oranges2The Algarve film ‘The Right Juice’ will make its world premiere on March 30th 2014 at the Atlanta Film Festival, USA.

This is the first film by Kristjan Knigge, a Dane who grew up in the Algarve, and the project has been locally, funded, filmed and produced.

The cast list includes Lucia Moniz, Miguel Damiao, Ellie Chidzey and Mark Killeen and many residents also will be keen to see the outstanding performance of afpop’s* Chief Executive, Michael Reeve, whose portray of the local baddie has already been heralded as a classic of the modern cinema.

Despite intermittent local publicity and promotion it is thought that the film will be premiered in the Algarve 'in the late summer, in selected cinemas’

The plot of the film, spoken in English and shot entirely in Algarve, tells the story of a young London banker who, after a collapse in the London stock exchange, decides to travel to the Algarve and buy a plot of land on which to plant oranges. Everything changes when he strikes oil instead of water.

The film is timely as it pits oil money against the traditional way of life in the Algarve, a parallel currently seen in the conflict between the proposed drilling for oil and gas off the Algarve coastline , and those who see the region as an unspoiled destination for tourism.

The low budget film was funded by Algarve businesses, local donations and an international crowd-funding campaign.

The director Kristjan Knigge and the first Assistant Director Karen Radzikowski will be present at the premiere in Atlanta and will take part in a questions and answers session with the audience after the screening.


* Foreign Residents' Association  -

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+2 #1 mm 2014-03-20 22:24
its taken a long time to get to a local cinema

lets hope at the premiere they give out algarve oranges to all the celebs

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