Two Portuguese burglars suspected of torturing Lisbon rapper 'have fled to the UK' and are being hunted by police

46rapper deathTwo of the three men suspected of torturing a Portuguese rapper known as Mota Jr to death are reportedly being hunted by British police.

Newspaper Correio da Manha said European arrest warrants had already been issued for the pair after Portuguese detectives discovered they had fled to the UK following David Mota's brutal killing.

Today it also emerged the 28-year-old, who flaunted a 'billionaire lifestyle' online, had spent part of his childhood in Britain. The UK connection to the grisly crime came after an initial post-mortem pointed to the musician, known as Mota Jr, being kicked and punched to death.

Police are working on the theory he was killed after being kidnapped and tortured by a trio who wanted to steal his jewels and cash.

Mota, the youngest of three children, was born in Portugal but moved to the UK as a teenager with his mum and an older sister and went to school in Britain after his dad who had already emigrated for work fell ill. He vanished on March 15 after being abducted outside his home in Sintra, near Lisbon.

His decomposed body, which had been partly eaten by wild boars, was found on Monday in woods near Sesimbra 30 miles away by a man out walking his dog.

The Correio da Manha said two of the three suspects fled Portugal for the UK the week after the crime, thought to have been planned by an acquaintance of Mota Jr known to police. The names of the suspects have begun to circulate on social media but have not been published by Portuguese media.

The suspects reportedly returned to his home the day after the rapper's disappearance, while his mum and sister were at a nearby police station giving statements, to steal his gold and money.

They are said to have let themselves in with a key they stole from their victim after he confessed under duress where he kept his valuables. Police have ruled out the theory his death was linked to a 'rapper war' despite investigating claims of problems between rival musicians.

Mota Jr's mum Filomena has told local media she believes his attackers intended to rob him but not kill him.

Police have already interviewed a friend of the dead rapper who says she was threatened by David's attackers and told her to leave the area after they put a weapon to his head. 

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