Almargem launches Algarve water saving campaign

odelouca damThe campaign #AÚltimaGota_Algarve (#TheLastDrop_Algarve) developed by Almargem aims to inform the public about the need to change our attitudes and behaviours when it comes to water management. The strategy will cover the 16 municipalities of the Algarve and will include a Digital Guide and water saving tips.

Concerned with the situation in which the Algarve region finds itself, in January 2020, Almargem formed a working group composed of partners, volunteers from different areas, with interest and knowledge in the themes of water use, agriculture, wastewater reuse and environmental and civic intervention.

The project will be promoted in various forms including:

  • two webinars , with guest speakers from specialized areas
  • training courses with the theme "Every drop counts" will be available to those wishing to proceed with the licensing of an ApR and learn about the various models of wastewater treatment
  • an animated short film promoting awareness of behavioral change
  • an interactive  exhibition will provide visitors with information about water consumption in the world, in Portugal and in the Algarve, covering different areas such as the domestic sector, agriculture, golf courses and the tourism
  • an online quiz game will be added to Almargem's existing website and will test participants' knowledge

In order to make information more readily available to the entire Portuguese population, an online "Digital Guide - Water saving tips and decoder for environmental policies" will be prepared, which aims to encourage the adoption and change of behaviors that lead to efficient use and savings of water, awakening or increasing your environmental awareness.

Almargem - Association for the Defense of the Cultural and Environmental Heritage of the Algarve, founded in 1988, is a Non-Governmental Organization for the Environment (ONGA), of regional scope, headquartered in Loulé, which develops actions in several areas, namely in the forum of conservation of natural and cultural heritage, education for sustainable development and community intervention and education.


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+2 #2 Peter Booker 2020-09-30 09:33
An interesting article on the increasing probability of worsening annual droughts.
+1 #1 Peter Booker 2020-09-29 08:52
I should welcome comments from the regulatory body (whichever it is) that gives permission for more and more water-dependent monocultures to be established here in the Algarve. We already know that water as a resource will become ever scarcer, and yet permission is given for yet more avocado and orange plantations, which will use greater amounts of water.

The logic of this position escapes me.

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