Submission of the annual IRS statement starts today

Dr Photo - SUBMISSION OF THE ANNUAL IRS STATEMENT STARTS TODAYThe submission of the IRS's annual declaration on income earned in 2020 starts today, extending until June 30th, with almost two-thirds of taxpayers being able, if they wish, to benefit from the automatic IRS.

As has been the case since 2018, the submission of the IRS declaration must be made exclusively electronically, requiring taxpayers to have a valid password to access the Finanças Portal.

This year, and for the first time, the automatic IRS will cover self-employed workers who are in the simplified regime and who last year issued the corresponding invoices exclusively through the Finance Portal. Estimates suggest that around 250 thousand people will meet these conditions.

Whoever is covered by the automatic IRS has the possibility to refuse this declaration and to choose to complete and submit the Model 3, in case he / she finds any error or non-conformity, namely in relation to the values ​​of the income obtained, the withholding tax or the calculation of deductions.

As happened last year, this year the IRS declaration campaign will start with the country in general confinement, but this time, the expectation is that any refunds will arrive earlier, that is, it will not be necessary wait until April 21 for the tax refunds to begin being processed.

Last year, some 5.6 million IRS declarations were filed, 523 thousand of which were on the first day.

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