Leading citizens of Lagos appeal to Mayor to save Ponta de Piedade cliffs

LEADING CITIZENS OF LAGOS APPEAL TO MAYOR TO SAVE PONTA DE PIEDADE CLIFFSThis Thursday, at 11 am, Jonathan Silva, activist and member of the DiEM25 movement, will, along wth other Lagos citizens, deliver an open letter signed by more than 300 citizens and people of relevance to the city to the Lagos Chamber, requesting the Mayor to prevent the development of private construction projects near the cliffs of Ponta da Piedade, and to conduct a public consultation.

The document is signed by lawyers, businessmen, investors, teachers and university professors, dentists, psychologists, sociologists, architects, researchers, environmental engineers, agronomists, retired members of the City Council, as well as celebrities such as singer Dino D'Santiago.

Jonathan's campaign to protect the cliffs at Ponta de Piedade has three requirements: secure access to the cliffs by removing the fences; withdrawal of any current development plans for the cliffs, or building permits and a public consultation so that the community can decide with the municipality what should happen to the area.

Subscribers argue that "the community must have the right to vote on different project proposals on the best way to use or develop the area".

  • WHEN: 8th April 2021, 11am
  • WHERE: Lagos City Hall (Paços do Concelho Séc. XXI, Praça do Município)
  • WHO: Jonathan Silva, local Activist and Member of DiEM25 (Democracy in Europe Movement 2025)

About DiEM25

The DiEM25 is a movement pan-European democrats, united in the conviction that the European Union will only survive if it is radically transformed .

The environmental, economic and coronavirus crisis have shown that real solutions for the majority and not for the minority can only arise if we join forces across borders. This is the mission of DiEM25: to make a coordinated effort across Europe to bring citizens together and create enough energy to save the EU from itself .

The EU will unite or disappear. We must act quickly, before it is too late: that is why we are the Democracy in Europe 2025 movement (DiEM25).


Original article available in Portuguese at http://postal.pt/


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