SEF detain foreign citizen wanted in Sweden for armed robberies

SEF DETAIN FOREIGN CITIZEN WANTED IN SWEDEN FOR ARMED ROBBERIESA foreign national, targeted by a European arrest warrant issued by Sweden for his extradition for armed robberies, was arrested yesterday by the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), the police said today.

According to SEF, the 33-year-old detainee committed armed robberies in Sweden, which is why the European arrest warrant for extradition has now been issued.

The detainee will today be taken by the SEF to the Lisbon Court of Appeal, capable in matters of extradition, to arrange delivery of the suspect to the Swedish authorities.

Meanwhile, at Lisbon airport, SEF also this week detainedf five citizens "for possession of fake travel documents and other fraudulent documentation". Two of these citizens were detected when they intended to travel to Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland, and a third to Canada. The remaining two citizens were discovered by SEF as they passed through passport control after arriving on flights from Rome and Copenhagen, also being caught with with fraudulent documentation.

All detained citizens were taken to judicial authority for judicial interrogation and enforcement measures.

In addition, as part of the reinstatement of border control with Spain, on Tuesday SEF fulfilled a European arrest warrant for a foreign citizen, for capture and detention for the purpose of extradition, at the authorised crossing point of Melgaço. "In Quintanilha, Vila Verde da Raia, Castro Marim and São Leonardo, six other precautionary measures were detected for document seizure, notification of whereabouts and wanted person in the scope of a judicial process", concludes SEF, regarding the activity carried out in the last days.


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