Woman fights for postmortem insemination laws to be changed

WOMAN FIGHTS FOR POSTMORTEM INSEMINATION LAWS TO BE CHANGEDThe love story of Angela and Hugo has grabbed the Portuguese public. This young and passionate couple dreamed of having a child, however, Hugo was sick and time was running out. After making a statement authorising Angela to proceed with artificial insemination, Hugo regarded it as his last wish before dying.

However, Portuguese law said that it was impossible to allow insemination after the death of the partner. Without ever giving up, Angela forced ahead with her husband's wish and even launched a public petition, with more than 98 thousand signatures, to raise discussion on the topic. Angela has revealed that her husband's biological material was not destroyed and that "the law will be voted on, it will be a matter of time before things get going".

Due to the Covid-19, the process has been delayed, but earlier this week the legislative project was presented to the Assembly of the Republic, with a final decision being made after May 14th, "from the fifteenth day after the receipt of the reasoned message".

If it is agreed that the law be changed, artificial insemination will be carried out and Hugo's last wish will be fulfilled.


Original article available in Portuguese at http://postal.pt/


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