Police arrest two suspects for Algarve timeshare holiday scams

Dr Photo - POLICE ARREST TWO SUSPECTS FOR ALGARVE TIMESHARE HOLIDAY SCAMSThe Judiciary Police (PJ) detained in Albufeira two men suspected of defrauding hundreds of people with the fictitious resale of holiday weeks in the Algarve.

In a statement, the PJ indicated that the illicit activity consisted of cheating holders of real timeshare 'time sharing' rights, "through fraudulent proposals for intermediation of the sale of these rights to the foreign market, charging high monetary amounts for this alleged intermediation" .

"The detainees will be the main responsible for hundreds of scams with the fictitious resale of titles of holiday weeks in the Algarve region, making this illicit practice their way of life", reads the document.

According to the PJ, the men, already with criminal records for crimes of qualified swindling, were detained under the “Call Center II” operation.

During the operation initiated by the Southern Directorate of the PJ, searches were carried out on homes, companies and vehicles in the Albufeira region, in the Faro district, in an inquiry conducted by the Portimão section of the Faro Department of Investigation and Criminal Action.

The men were heard in the first judicial interrogation, and ordered to be detained, the most severe measure available, as a coercive measure.

Original article available in Portuguese at http://postal.pt/


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0 #1 Wolf 2021-07-15 12:37
Anyone know who these 2 people were?

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