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Portugal bans unhealthy food in schools

PORTUGAL BANS UNHEALTHY FOOD IN SCHOOLSThe Portuguese government issued an order prohibiting the sale or providing of the so-called fast food and others classified as "products harmful to health", in public schools.

The new directive brings a list of more than 50 products high in sodium, sugar, or calorie, which are prohibited from being sold even in vending machines.

The new rules will take effect next month, and schools are to review and adjust contracts with suppliers by the end of next September.

Public schools must offer "nutritionally balanced, healthy and safe meals," according to the order by the Ministry of Education.

Meals must comply with the guidelines that will be provided by the Portuguese General Directorate of Education under the guidance of nutritionists.

According to the Portuguese Society for the Study of Obesity, 12% of children are overweight, nationwide.

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-5 #1 David 2021-08-26 17:06
Fast food is out, but fast experimental drugs are OK?

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