Find out where PSP radars will be this month

Dr Photo - FIND OUT WHERE PSP RADARS WILL BE THIS MONTHThe PSP have released the list of locations where speed control operations will take place this month, as part of the prevention campaign "Who warns you...", with an objective to reduce the speed of vehicles on traffic routes with higher levels of danger, alerting drivers to the presence of authorities.

You already know for your safety and everyone else's, you must respect the speed limits at all times!

Sep 07 – 09H00 – Av. V2 – Portimão
Sep 07 – 09H00 – Castro Marim Av – Vila Real de Santo António
Sep 09 – 09H00 – Rua da Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa – Tavira
10/Sep – 21H00 – Av. Dr. Gordinho Moreira – Faro
13/Sep – 10H00 – Av. 5 de Outubro – Olhão
15/Sep – 09H00 – Av. de Castro Marim – Vila Real de Santo António
23/Sep – 09H00 – Av. V6 – Portimão
28/Sep – 10H00 – Av. Fonte Coberta – Lagos
29/Sep – 09H00 – Av. V2 – Portimão

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+4 #2 Chip 2021-09-08 13:02
Thank you!
+4 #1 Brook 2021-09-07 16:08
Thanks ADN, for the heads up on the radars.

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