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Kidnap victim Ellie 'should live with her mother in Ireland'

gannon“To cut a long story short, the public prosecutor said that Ellie should live with her mother in Ireland”

Candice Gannon is stunned and elated as the news sinks in that Portugal’s court system at last seems to accept that the treatment of her familiy has been little short of abusive, seeing Ellie Silva forced to play a central role in a nasty adult game of legal tennis.

The custody hearing in Faro’s family court this afternoon heard the public prosecutor's opinion that Ellie should “live with her mother in Ireland.”

After a tearful reunion when Ellie's kidnapping was over the family was again separated as Candice was advised to travel to Ireland for specialist care during a pregnancy that saw two healthy twins delivered last month with the court determining that Ellie should stay in a hotel room in the Madeiran capital Funchal with her natural father during this period, causing more anguish and stress to Candice’s husband and younger sister.  

The prosecutor’s statement today is a leap forward in common sense as Filipe Silva awaits trial for kidnap.

Candice Gannon and her family have been seeking the court’s permission to move from Portuguese territory for around 6 years, this now looks like a distinct possibility if the judges agree with the prosecutor and allow relocation.


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+2 #1 Dave Jones 2014-04-08 14:28
As is usual in these cases - now the child is leaving Portugal - the blatant corruption and involvement of both public justice officials and lawyers in 'hiding' Ellie will be buried.
The mother has presumably 'agreed' to this as a condition of getting her child back.
As always everyone illegally concerned was just 'trying it on'.
The thinking presumably ... 'OK, It went a bit pear shaped this time but we were doing it for Portugal. It could have worked.'
Can we assume that given our close links with Ireland - GCHQ was tracking the fathers phones to find Ellie ?

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