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Open Day at Lagoa dos Salgados

OPEN DAY AT LAGOA DOS SALGADOSThe Municipality of Silves and the Almargem Association are promoting two initiatives within the scope of the future nature reserve of Lagoa dos Salgados, considered a regional heritage site in the Algarve.

Read details on how to have your say about Lagoa dos Salgados becoming a nature reserve HERE and the recent news on the campaign HERE.

On January 15th, the Open Day is planned, with the aim of promoting the natural values ​​of the Lagoon, through a set of activities for the whole family.

On January 18th, it is time for an information session on the future nature reserve of Lagoa dos Salgados, in the Parish Hall of Pêra.

All activities are free, with mandatory registration. 

For more information and registration, see the program here .

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