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Covid-19: Problems with issuing certificates in Portugal

Covid-19: Problems with issuing certificates in PortugalThe European Commission yesterday admittted that there are problems in Portugal regarding the issuance of Covid-19 certificates, with the information on the booster dose of the vaccine.  

The information came after complaints from users who were unable to access the certificate that attests to the administration of their booster dose, after a primary series of anti-covid-19 vaccination (two doses), as stipulated by European rules since the end of last December.

The European Commission said this morning, Friday, “we received information that the problems with the issuance of certificates containing information on the administration of the booster dose were successfully resolved in Portugal, and that there are no longer any problems in the country."

This certificate was created to facilitate free movement during the pandemic, but at that time reliable data on the period during which people would be protected after vaccination with the two doses were not yet available, so deadlines were not set for the period of acceptance, with the exception of recovery certificates, it being up to the Member States to define validity of vaccination.
The new rules specifically stipulate an acceptance period of nine months (from the last inoculation), given that vaccine protection appears to diminish over time.



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