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Covid-19: Mandatory mask use extended until April 18th

COVID-19: MANDATORY MASK USE EXTENDED UNTIL APRIL 18THThe Portuguese Government have extended the State of Alert period, in place to curb the covid-19 pandemic, until April 18th, “keeping the measures currently in force unchanged.”

The alert situation is the lowest level of response to disaster situations in the Civil Protection Basic Law, and was due to end on March 30th.

“The Council of Ministers today approved the resolution that extends the declaration of the alert situation, within the scope of the covid-19 disease pandemic, until 23:59 on April 18, 2022”, says the statement.

Among the measures that remain in force is the mandatory use of a mask in public indoor spaces, health services and transport.

For those who do not have the booster dose of the vaccine against covid-19, a negative covid test remains mandatory for visits to homes and health establishments, taking into account that they are groups of special vulnerability.

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-8 #2 Trevor Morgan 2022-03-25 21:31
Given the universally accepted fact that the jabs (1, 2 or 3 of them) do not prevent infection nor transmission, can someone explain the logic of not demanding a negative test from triple-jabbed individuals to visit 'vulnerable' settings? So-called 'boosted' people are just as likely to be carriers - possibly even more likely due to their misplaced faith - so will effectively become super-spreaders.
Someone who is immune to the media-induced hysteria might think it's just another push to get needles into reluctant arms (= €€€ for those with conflicts of interest) or continuing with the earlier care home genocide & quietly disposing of yet more useless eaters (= less €€€ out of the bankrupt pension pot).
For the unscrupulous in the corridors of power this will likely be seen as a win-win.
-7 #1 Steve 2022-03-25 15:16
Well done Portuguese Government, let's prolong something that has clearly made no difference whatsoever in the number of infections in the last 2 years for another month.
In the meantime after a 2 year absence the flu has made a come back, clogging up AE to record levels. But it's the wrong type of virus so nothing to see here.

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