Armed robbery at Faro bank

ARMED ROBBERY AT FARO BANKYesterday morning, an armed man robbed a bank in the city of Faro, located just a few metres from the Faro Court and police station, and then fled with the assistance of a waiting getaway driver.

The suspect, armed with a firearm, robbed the Faro branch of ABanca, in Largo da Pontinha, Rua de Santo António. The robbery, which took only a few minutes, took place around 11am and without any resistance.

Inside the bank, the robber pointed the gun at the employees and threatened them, fleeing easily with the money.

Waiting for him on the street was an accomplice in a car. Both managed to escape, but a PSP source said he has already identified the alleged assailant.

So far, neither the management of the Spanish bank, nor the police authorities have commented on the robbery. The investigation of the robbery was handed over to the Judiciary Police (PJ) of Faro, which will analyze the images captured by the surveillance cameras.

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