Portimão: Unexplained explosion throws man from sixth floor apartment

PORTIMÃO: UNEXPLAINED EXPLOSION THROWS MAN FROM SIXTH FLOOR APARTMENT - Photo by postal.ptAuthorities are investigating the explosion that took place at 4:30 yesterday afternoon, which projected the man from the sixth floor apartment, killing him.

The explosion took place at an apartment building on Rua Drummond de Andrade, in Portimão. The victim's burned body was found lifeless on the street.

According to Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã, “a PSP team of specialists in the inactivation of explosive devices is carrying out checks on the apartment".

A police source has said that the situation at this point seems "very suspicious”, with indications that the explosion was not caused by gas, but with accidental or intentional detonation of an artisanal device, adding that “due to these suspicions, an explosive device inactivation team was deployed, which is carrying out an inspection of the property to verify that it is safe for the criminal investigation team to enter”.

Source & photo https://postal.pt/

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