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Albufeira: Second stabbing incident within two days

ALBUFEIRA: SECOND STABBING INCIDENT WITHIN TWO DAYSYesterday, a man “between 65 and 70 years old” was stabbed in Albufeira, the second in two days after a 50 year old English man was brutally attacked in the Oura area in the early hours of Wednesday.

The victim this time was “stabbed in the back”, but managed to “ask for help at the local fire station”, so “when the GNR arrived at the scene, around 01:30am, he was already being assisted”.

The man was transported to hospital, in a serious condition. Due to the seriousness of the crime, the “investigation has been passed to the Judiciary Police”, said a GNR official.

The victim attacked on Wednesday was accompanied by three other tourists, and was the target of a robbery, plus two cell phones were stolen. It is not yet know whether yesterday's crime was also a robbery.

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