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Albufeira: Two men arrested for assaults with firearms

ALBUFEIRA: TWO MEN ARRESTED FOR ASSAULTS WITH FIREARMSThe Judicial Police have arrested two men suspected of involvement in robberies with firearms in the Albufeira area, but will continue to investigate the case with the aim of identifying and locating the remaining suspected members of the group.

Police suspect the group are also involved in “the same type of crimes and thefts recently” in the Loulé area.

According to a statement from the security force, this group of people suspected of robberies in the Albufeira area, using a firearm and a prohibited weapon, was initially identified at the end of December 2021.

The two suspects arrested, aged 23 and 29, will be presented for a first judicial interrogation, in Albufeira, and served the relevant coercive measures.

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