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Messines GNR officer will represent Portugal in the Wheelchair Handball Tournament in France

MESSINES GNR OFFICER WILL REPRESENT PORTUGAL IN THE WHEELCHAIR HANDBALL TOURNAMENT IN FRANCEGNR officer, 31 year old Tiago Cantigas, is one of 12 athletes chosen to represent Portugal national team by coach Danilo Ferreira, at the Wheelchair Handball Tournament in France this weekend.

Tiago, a guard in the UEPS Ourique Ourique, was injured a couple of years ago which left him paraplegic. He has been playing sports for two seasons at Casa do Povo de Messines.

The Portuguese team will face Spain, France and Belgium this weekend in Lyon, France.

In the words of Danilo Ferreira, “this tournament is very positive for studying Portugal's future opponents in the European Championship, because November is getting closer and closer, when we will have the European Championship and maybe the World Cup, where we want to have a good performance, of course. Portugal has always been at a good level in Wheelchair Handball and we want to keep that tradition”.

The Casa do Povo de SB Messines, founded on December 15, 1934, is an associative-based Public Utility Institution, registered as IPSS – Private Institution of Social Solidarity.

Currently, with more than 200 employees, including workers and service providers, CPSBM operates in 5 areas represented by the different colors of the logo: Sports and Leisure, Mental Health, Community and Social Support, Culture and Education.

Its mission is to contribute to the development of the community in the social, educational, sports, cultural and leisure areas, guided by an integrated service of quality and proximity.

In terms of sports, there are several modalities with international representation, as well as adapted sports; at community level, social support projects and the most recent response in the area of ​​Mental Health with a socio-occupational unit and home support team for users who come to us from various areas of the western Algarve.

In addition to these responses, culturally it offers, in its own headquarters, various artistic training while at the educational level, it has its own daycare, preschool and CATL; the management of another establishment in Alcantarilha and the coordination of extracurricular activities in 7 groups in the Algarve.

Source https://postal.pt/

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