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Star Wars-inspired house is being built in the Algarve

Star Wars-inspired house is being built in the Algarve.A luxury home inspired by the cult saga Star Wars, is being built in Carvoeiro, Lagoa. The house, overlooking the sea, looks like a spaceship and is designed by Carvoeiro based architecture studio, Bespoke.

“The design of this villa is based on the client's desire to create an object inspired by a cult series of science fiction cinema and the need to obtain the maximum possible living spaces with sea views on a relatively narrow plot of land”, explain Bespoke Architects, responsible for the project.

"The guiding mesh is fundamental when organizing the interior spaces, maximizing the south view, guaranteeing privacy to the neighbouring lots. Social spaces were elevated in relation to private spaces as a way of highlighting and making the architectural object more complex. The raised pool and its relationship with the house, draw a dynamic line that rises from the land resulting in a project with a vigorous and prominent shape." 

“You never know what a new client's vision is when they arrive for their first meeting. I was impressed when this couple suggested building a Star Wars-inspired villa on the cliffs of Carvoeiro. I invited our senior architect, Alexandre Mendes, to join the next meeting as part of the team, as I knew he would be a key person who could bring his dream to life. It was an incredible journey and one that we are proud to be involved in,” John Wilson, founder and chief architect of Bespoke Architects said.

“The project idea was considered at all stages, from the architecture to the smallest details. Each of the suites has a privileged view of the sea. The heart of the house is its main centre, with an elevator and a strong circular room. The skylights mimic the technical hatches while following the slope of the roof”.

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+2 #1 Stuart Wood 2022-07-06 07:53
A fine contribution to the culture and history of the country! A fool and his money etc....

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