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Portimão: Man arrested for domestic violence against his wife & children

PORTIMÃO: MAN ARRESTED FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGAINST HIS WIFE & CHILDRENThe PSP have arrested a 45-year-old man in Portimão for committing crimes of domestic violence against his wife and children.

The woman was beaten in the face and dragged violently across the floor, having been threatened with a weapon and a frying pan while it was still hot, whilst their small children looked on.

In a statement, the PSP say they received a request for assistance from the victim who claimed to have been “assaulted in the face and violently dragged across the floor and then threatened with a knife and hot frying pan, all in the presence of the couples youngest children”.

The PSP statement confirms that the episode was not an isolated situation and that other, previous “highly violent” attacks by the man had forced the victim and her minor children to stay overnight in a separate room, “for fear of continuing to be victims of aggression by the suspect”.

Source PSP

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