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Dead man's body recovered from the sea at Arrifana beach

DEAD MAN'S BODY RECOVERED FROM THE SEA AT ARRIFANA BEACHThe body of a man found floating off the beach of Arrifana, Alzejur, was recovered by the Maritime Police yesterday afternoon. 

A statement made by the maritime authority says, “the body of a man was detected on the afternoon of August 7th 2022, floating about two nautical miles (approximately four kilometres) from Arrifana beach, in the municipality of Aljezur, the causes that may have been at the origin of this occurrence are not known. ”

Following the alert given by the crew of a recreational boat about 16:45, reporting the presence of a body floating in the water, the crew of the Sagres Lifeguard Station and the Maritime Police of Lagos were dispatched.

“Elements of the Maritime Police and the crew of the Lifeguard Station recovered and transported the victim’s body to the port of Arrifana”, where “the local health delegate awaited, who declared death on the spot”, said the maritime authority.

After contacting the Public Ministry, the body was later transported by the Volunteer Firefighters of Aljezur to the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences in Portimão.

Source https://postal.pt/

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