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Tax authorities issue an alert regarding fraudulent tax debt email

TAX AUTHORITIES ISSUE AN ALERT REGARDING FRAUDULENT TAX DEBT EMAILThe Tax and Customs Authority (AT) have warned of the sending of a fraudulent email to some taxpayers about alleged debt settlements, stressing that it should be ignored and deleted.

“The Tax and Customs Authority is aware that some taxpayers are receiving emails supposedly from the AT, which bring an attachment to allegedly proceed with the regularisation of the tax situation”, reads the alert published on the Finanças Portal.

The email asks the recipient to proceed with the tax regularisation payment by following a 'link' that is provided and which, the tax authorities warn, is fraudulent.

“These messages are false and should be ignored. Its objective is to convince the recipient to download malicious software", warns the AT, stressing that "in no case" the taxpayer "should carry out this operation".

Source Lusa

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