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Famous actor, Keanu Reeves visits Tavira

Famous actor, Keanu Reeves visits Tavira. Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves spent a few days in the Algarve region earlier this month, after attending a motorcycling event in Spain.

The Canadian film star spent three days in the Algarve region, staying at The Prime Beach Club, in Monte Gordo and Colégio Charm House, in Tavira, who posted on Twitter that it was “an honour” to have had Keanu as a guest.

He had attended a motorcycling event in Jerez de La Frontera, in the south of Spain, and took the opportunity to visit the Algarve.

“He is a person of extreme simplicity, affable and discreet, loves Bloody Mary, appreciates a good ham, clams from our coast and oysters”, said chef Chakall of The Prime Beach Club.


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-1 #2 Norman L 2022-09-27 16:35
Famous man stays in local hotel. 'An honour' might be a bit OTT. Good publicity, though, I'm sure.

Maybe the 'goon' had a cold and didn't want to spread it. Maybe he has a loved one at home in a delicate state of health and didn't want to bring anything nasty home to them.
People in Japan have been masking up for donkey's years in places with large concentrations (public transport, offices, shops,...) as a courtesy to others and to try not to catch stuff. Are they all goons?
+1 #1 Stuart H Watson 2022-09-27 11:52
Super to see Keanu here ! He has many fans.
Pray tell, why is that goon wearing a mask?

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