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Boliqueime care home investigated for 'mistreatment' of resident

BOLIQUEIME CARE HOME INVESTIGATED FOR 'MISTREATMENT' OF RESIDENTA care institution in Boliqueime is being investigated after the son of an elderly resident filmed his 86 year old mother in bed, covered in ants.

Sadly, Florinda Queiroz, 86, died a month after this episode at Lar da Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Boliqueime was filmed, in July. 

Florinda's son accuses the institution of mistreatment. "I noticed a lack of care when she first entered the institution. When I went to visit her she was covered in ants and I alerted the home, but they did nothing", said João Queiroz.

The home have opened a disciplinary process to find out "those responsible for this unacceptable situation" and guarantees that it will be "relentless in punishment".


Source https://www.cmjornal.pt/

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