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GNR arrest 62 people in the last week in the Algarve, most for driving under the influence of alcohol

GNR ARREST 62 PEOPLE IN THE LAST WEEK IN THE ALGARVE, MOST FOR DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOLDuring a set of operations in the week of November 21st to 27th, aimed at preventing and combating violent crime and promoting road safety, the Faro district GNR forces detained 62 people.

Of these arrests, 22 were for driving under the influence of alcohol, 10 for driving without a legal license and 4 for drug trafficking, according to a statement sent to newsrooms by the GNR.

Authorities also seized 932 doses of heroin, 129 doses of cocaine, 25 doses of hashish, 11 doses of cannabis, 8,368 euros in cash, 2 guns, 1 airsoft gun, 5 cell phones and 2 knives.

With regard to road inspection, 718 infractions were recorded, with emphasis on 206 for speeding, 64 for lack of MOT, 50 related to anomalies in the vehicle lighting and signalling systems, 21 for improper use of the mobile phone while driving , 14 due to missing or incorrect use of seat belts and/or child restraint systems and 9 due to lack of vehicle insurance.

During the same week there were 112 accidents, which resulted in 2 deaths, 2 serious injuries and 37 minor injuries.

Source https://postal.pt/

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