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Silves: Driver who carried out fatal hit and run accused of negligent homicide

SILVES: DRIVER WHO CARRIED OUT FATAL HIT AND RUN ACCUSED OF NEGLIGENT HOMICIDEA 32 year old woman driver has been accused of negligent homicide in a car accident and failure to provide assistance, after a hit and run on the EN269 in Silves.

The driver fatally ran over elderly man and fled, continuing her journey without providing assistance to the victim, who ended up dying at the scene.

Following a warning about a road accident involving a pedestrian being run over, on the 18th of November, the GNR arrived at the scene on the Estrada Nacional 269 (EN 269) Silves to Algoz road.

They found that “the victim, a 69-year-old man, had been hit by a vehicle travelling on that road, with the suspected driver continuing the journey without providing assistance to the victim, who ended up dying on the spot”, explained the GNR in a statement.

During the investigation, it was possible to “identify and locate the vehicle, which had already repaired the damage related to the accident in question, which in turn led to its seizure and the identification of the driver”.

Source https://postal.pt/

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